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HostGator does an impeccable job at providing user with all of the needed tools in order to create an online presence that is successful. The first step is the designing of a high functioning and beautiful website. With that being said, HostGator is able to offer design services that will allow you to accomplish your online goals with a great deal of ease.


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You will be given the ability to choose from a wide variety of premium themes as well as the opportunity to work with a designer that will ensure the results that you desire. HostGator has a number of design packages that have been tailored to fit the needs that are expressly unique to you. Also, should you find yourself in need of additional services, there are a host of design coordinators that are available to work with you.

Should you decide to use the services of the design coordinators, once your site has been completed; you will be walked through how to change/add pictures, posts and more to the site. The following is a basic description as to the design packages that include the services of a dedicated design coordinator:

Standard Design Package

This package not only includes the services of a dedicated design coordinator as well as your choice of a premium template from within the HostGator collection. A site that is fully professional will be built for you on a content management system (CMS) that is industry leading. You will be provided with upwards of ten pages of content along with a duo of revisions beyond the first draft. Upon the completion of the site’s construction, you will have full ownership and control.

E-Commerce Design Package

This package comes with all of the components as the Standard Design Package with the addition of the following:

  • Upwards of ten products that can be added to your shop
  • The integration of all major shipping methods and payments
  • Beyond the first draft, two revisions are offered

Additional Services

Consumers that utilize the services of HostGator are also able to purchase the following additional services:

  • E-commerce integration
  • Ongoing monthly maintenance
  • Onsite optimization that includes: robot meta configuration, sitemaps, title tags and meta tags.

In Conclusion

With HostGator, a site can be designed within a period of approximately four weeks. This is accomplished in a trio pf phases and the time frame is contingent upon you providing all of the needed material in order for the project to be completed within a timely manner. The items that will be needed by your dedicated design coordinator are the following:

  • The completed introductory questionnaire
  • Your company logo
  • All images that you would like to be utilized on the site
  • Written descriptions for the following: the company, services and/or products
  • A structure plan for the site that includes the textual content for each page as well as the pages that are desired
  • Any additional material that you would like to have used in regards to your site

HostGator utilizes two highly versatile e-commerce and content management systems, which are Open Cart and WordPress. This allows them to deliver each site a great deal of management ease as well as flexibility.


Elaine Marshall / June 9, 2015 / webhosting